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White Open Plan

Recently, new-build housing has effectively embraced open plan living. It is a great choice as the social aspect is perfect for family interaction. The space should be well designed and able to utilise the best out of the room as the demand for a functional and interactive layout is essential.

The design of this house shows us that spaces don’t always need to be devoid of features and colour to achieve a spacious look. This open plan has managed to tie everything together in terms of style but keep each area well defined.

This layout enhances the feeling of light and space in the house but at the same time provides the opportunity for privacy and cosiness.

The residence was dressed with white furniture featuring black handles. The dining table colour choice was back for breaking monotony and defining the particular zone. The industrial style light fittings bring cheerful accents that create several moments of interest, keeping the eye moving all around this open plan.

A playful side to the design comes out from the light blue finish of the kitchen island.

The white sofas look stunning. They are brought to life by the fabulous light-grey finished wood flooring which tie the spaces together.

The space is flooded by light,the high ceiling and abundance of white decor makes it feel large and airy.The industrial black staircase anchors the space and adds character to the design scheme.