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Teal & Yellow Office


The client wanted to invest in a new workplace for his advertising business to thrive. A place that could develop an independent culture focusing on people first. The mood of the space needs to be warm and inspiring. Encouraging creativity comes from teamwork so the workspace is open. It follows a certain order but in the same time doesn’t feel ostentatious. It feels more a like a familiar spot where friends like to talk. The furniture arrangement rhythm is interrupted by colourful pieces and also zones for people who need more privacy.

Designya Architecture was appointed to translate their vision and deliver a flexible, innovative and collaborative work space.

The existing floor plate includes a large open space and extended glazed surfaces.

The focus of the design was to bring a warm balanced feeling into the vast space. The office needs its own identity and offers people a feeling of belonging.

Using light colours like white, light grey and beige, maximizes the brightness of the space. The dark grey ceilings anchor the space and bring steadiness.

Colours and stylish pieces of furniture break the large space monotony.

Floating between blue and green, teal is a versatile shade to use in the scheme. It is a trend classic because it has a deep, rich and rare stone like quality, along with that element of green for a dash of warmth. Teal sits perfectly into office design next to cool grey, concretes and light wood finishes. Without the teal, grey is left looking pale and uninteresting and yet the timelessness of the grey can prevent teal from becoming overwhelming.

Yellow is a delicious warm color and works marvelously well in interior design schemes where it sings loud against deeper blues, warms up the space delivering courage and a bustling environment.

Using a tone of red that is not too bright shows sophistication, stability, harmony and defines even more the strong unique character of the space.

Key areas become more inviting and encourage team work. Same colors and textures are applied to both walls and ceiling, the perception of space crosses typical borders for a unique artistic impression.