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Scandinavian Inspiration – Pair House

Displaying a minimalist design character, this compact family home illustrates a contemporary approach of building on a relatively small plot.

The house is composed of two connected cubes with low slope roofs, one of natural timber and the other white-washed box with a twist: contrasting fascia. Same mass, paired in size and shape.

The predominant colours and materials used on the building are reflected in the interior design.

In the bigger part there are the living, kitchen and sleeping spaces, the smaller part consists of the garage and technical room.

The roof to the garage is less integrated with the overall form giving it a more symbolic role. If we take off the slope form,  the building would still read as a straightforward modern. construction. The base reflects and respects the rules of modern architecture that the architect has been taught, sometimes making the contrasting roof feels like a guilty pleasure.

Fenestration avoids traditional double hung windows in favor of slim vertical expanses of glass.The smaller horizontal window opening is arranged non-symmetrically to contrast the rigid symmetry of the main elevation. The main entrance is cut away, the glazed door is the focal point from where the light comes out. It reflects the modern practice of representing the space and structure behind on the outside.

The most important thing for the client was the functionality of the house and the next piece of the concept  was clean and contemporary exterior without unnecessary detailing.