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Rough Red Brick Office


With a minimum intervention to the current space layout, there is nothing better than an existing red brick wall because it is timeless and awesome.

The idea which drives the design scheme is that successful refurbishment gets contemporary wellbeing into the old shell. The space had been cleared of unnecessary finishing additions, so the architect has the freedom to start again.

The client wanted an open plan layout, simple and flexible. As a small business owner, he thought the future in the space could easily be used for other purposes or rented. He wanted to keep the industrial character of the space and to create a welcoming location. Even as an old building, the look inside is nice and fresh and bright.

The architect answered the client’s brief with a simple layout, light, space, visible prestige hardwood window surrounds, contrasting white floor, white furniture and industrial influences.

For informal gatherings, the industrial sliding doors open up a small enclosed space. Multi coloured oversized cushions are scattered on the floor for seating to create a space that delivered the feeling of “going somewhere fun away from the desk”. The client likes to rejuvenate the mood from time to time by replacing small decorative elements. Funky chairs can replace the cushions, new plants or new art works dictate the atmosphere.

Any modern office design will benefit from including such a wall into the concept. Even the simplest space will exude a sense of the character of ancient times.

Red brick contrasts with both white coloured furniture and black items. As a result it will add distinction to the scheme. Black frame windows punch the robust wall for light to flood the space.

Because the focal point is fixed on the black brick enclosed space, it brings no less texture than red or white. The industrial style of the sliding doors, the exposed M&E system and light fixtures match perfectly with the minimalist space where functionality excludes over-detailing.

Equally, featuring large monochrome paintings on the smooth white walls denotes a sense of calm and simplicity.

In conclusion, the use of the three colors and textures is proportionate. The symmetry of the design scheme will make you perceive the workspace as a balanced environment where time has more patience with people.