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Reinterpreting Classic Style


Elegant shapes, refined textiles, and a graceful sense of order make the classic approach one of the styles that stands the test of time. The reason is comfort. While decorating trends may change, classic living rooms are always in style and have a sense of belonging.

The family owner wants to keep the imposing classic style of the existing mansion. They like living in the super prime residence but in the same time they need the interior to feel clutter-free and have a modern tasteful touch. The most important spaces in the house are the living room and the dining room where the large family meets during the weekend. They like the perception of luxury they get in this special area and equally to feel warm at home.

The layout is carefully designed to accommodate a large number of guests and to feel comfortable. The furniture arrangement is inviting for the family to spend time all together and relax.

One of the features of traditional style is symmetry. As a result, the design proposal for the living room is not made up of perfect mirror images but it is very well-balanced, both in terms of furniture and wall decorations. In this elegant space, although the two armchairs are different from the chesterfield style button tufted sofa and from the chaise-longue, they all consist of a similar language, balancing each other out and maintaining the symmetry of the space. They face and sit perpendicular to the fireplace.

Most importantly, the focal point of the space is the high-class fireplace. The traditional type of the fireplace is reinterpreted in a modern and contemporary approach. By utilising strict geometry and simple matt finish, we have created the perfect fusion between functionality and minimalism. Not all homes suite marble ornaments so it is great that new homes can acquire the same benefits of a traditional fire bringing in the best of new technologies and trends.

The space has been given depth and a further dimension by introducing the two mirrors, one in the dining area and one in the alcove above the fireplace.


The use of mirrors makes the open plan seem larger and bounces light around. The appeal to antiquity is reflected throughout the space.

The overall colour scheme is light and neutral, as a result, it creates a sense of calm within an urban tumult.

The white of the ceiling and walls combined with shades of beige creates the illusion of an expanding space. Therefore, the room uses a mix of vertical lines with more restful horizontal lines. Contrasting colour for the floor is a timeless pattern. A large area rug sits on top of the hardwood floor. The table is rectangular accompanied by large dark floor lamp.

Firstly, high ceilings, decorative mouldings and gorgeous arched windows lend the perfect backdrop for the furniture pieces. Secondly, the furniture exhibits classic lines and understated details. It is functional, unfussy and is restful looking. Thirdly, edges are soft, smooth, and blend into the whole. Same finishes and colours are used for the imposing doors.

Having all pieces together, scale is a conclusive element in any room design. When this principle is put to the test with lighting, therefore it can add visual interest. The living room’s unique oversized black chandelier brings drama to this interior and becomes the undeniable ‘wow’ factor.