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Rationalising the Gable Roof


The residence has been designed to deliver an experience that extends into the landscape. This project uses the site and orientation for the best private views and local environmental conditions. The living bars of the house have been arranged to limit southern sun exposure, and shield views to neighboring homes, while directing the home owners interior experience to the best open views of the property.

This monochromatic building uses for both the wallsand roof of the same wood material so the form reads more like asolid mass than a series of connected planes. Detail is kept to a minimum, whichmakes the scale harder to read, and reinforces the abstract reading of building as symbol. To characterize this model, the roof does not overhang the wallsbelow but meets them at a sharp corner to reinforce the notion of building as onepiece.

All white for interior wall finish and floors is the perfect choice for the minimalist design highlighting even more the architecture motif. The building ends in a dramatic, double-height living space that overlooks the landscape through a glazed gable-end. The fireplace is the heart of the house, it adds warmth to an otherwise austere decor. The rest of the rooms feature huge windows too to let in as much natural light as possible.

Considering that principles of Modern Architecture call for an honest expression of materials and that structure should reveal its true purpose, it seems ironic that the visual, symbolic meaning of the gable roof overshadowed its functional attributes. It is often used to relate to existing contexts of traditional building forms and provides symbolic meaning to signify home.