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Mood Boards


Interior designers use mood boards (sometimes called inspiration boards) for interior design projects.

Mood boards are put together to inspire your design ideas. Therefore, we use fabric swatches, textures, pictures as well as sample finishes. We group together a collage of the proposed colour scheme. When needed, we add key elements related to the design theme. A presentation is made to show a client what type of atmosphere the new decor will generate.

Equally important, the boards help clients to visually perceive the creative idea. The designer presents his intended vision for a piece of work.

The inspiration board is intentionally casual. For instance, it lets the designer start with an expansive proposal. After that, he gets feedback before too much time is invested in detailing the design scheme. Think of it as rapid visual concept. In order to increase the success of a project our team uses all the tools at hand.

In essence, the final image represents a collection of filtered, inspirational elements used by designers to boost ideas at the beginning of a design scheme.
These are extremely useful to establish the aesthetic character of the space.

As a result, mood boards outline trends and styles before transferring them into drawings.  Additionally, the project has a clear concept for development.