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Modern Small House

This compact structure is a family residence with a modern and simple design, a symmetrical pitched roof. The house is located in a quiet place, it was designed for a young couple. Given their current status, the house needed to have an open design that would allow the creation of extensions when the family will grow. The current structure has a compact shape and a modest but beautiful look.

The fenestration is kept to a minimum and trim, lintels and sills are absent in favor of the clean planes of unbroken walls. To compensate the interioris often lit from above by skylights. By making the building monolithic, the roof form is not perceived as a separate element but seen as an irremovable, integral part of the whole.

By adopting this very simple and basic shape, the model harmoniously combines a modern structure with a traditional design. The interior is minimalist and elegant.

Larger living room windows keep both the exterior and interior of this house bright and welcoming while also allowing it to blend into the surroundings.

The house features a small terrace with a nice view to the back garden. The landscape is perfect for relaxation and everyday life for a small family. The design of the house is simple and classic in a modern way.