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Industrial Design


This courageous design reflects success and youth which is the personality of the owners. The design proposal brings value to the existing space for an enhanced experience.

The young couple wanted the flat to be completely renovated to create an open-plan interior tailored for uncomplicated living.

They like a calm home environment with great functionality but at the same time they wanted something atypical and courageous. The living room is the heart of the house where they spend a lot of time with their friends. The mood of the space is inspiring and feels like you are out on the town. Colours used for decorating are far from the standard palette, large pieces of artwork are perfect for a memorable impression.

The open plan layout flooded with light has many benefits as the owners can really show their style. The clean look of this interior makes the clients love this type of concept which is clutter and stress free.

Without careful styling, an open-plan space is in danger of feeling cold. In order to avoid it, we zone each portion of the space, so we create intimate spaces within the larger area. A breakfast bar separates the living room from the kitchen, dining area is defined by the black pendant lamp. The sofa gently splits the space. The finishes tell the same story, different tones for the wooden floor emphasize zoning.

Inspired by the industrial style, the space embraces natural beauty exposing architectural elements like ceiling beams, the unfinished look of the textures, organic colours and exposed furniture frameworks. Furniture is predominantly made of metal, it is monolithic in size and shape.

We give each functional space a complementary personality by creating a simple design feature in each area. The exposed brick wall painted in white is featuring a large painted canvas, an easel plays the role of the TV stand.

Industrial design enthusiasts often seek out a metallic feel through the use of colours such as grey. We used 2 shades of green, pale earthy green for the living room ceiling and contrasting darker tone for the kitchen space. Different textures highlight the character of the space. The palette of green, tan leather, beige and white tones is striking and sophisticated with an urban, metropolitan feel.

Using plants in modern design makes people feel more comfortable and relaxed. It demands clean lines and simplicity, on the other hand, nature tends to be wild and chaotic. Bringing plants into this design scheme as acreative layer is equally important as the other accessories in the room. A neat ambiance will demand lots of cactii which contribute to a comfortable and relaxed feel.

The contrasts throughout this living room decor create a very interesting and inspiring picture. This space is all about the mood, with daring tones and individually selected pieces that make a real statement. Open spaces like this can be a great opportunity to go bold with colour. ‘Lafayette Green’ paint, the darkest end of jade, is rich, timeless and reminds one of patinated copper.

Perhaps it is the courage for colourful contrasts in the design of this flat that has helped to create its feeling of contemporary cosiness. It certainly helped that the clients made a research into design trends. The best projects are where the clients are as engaged as this.