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Hamleys Refreshing Inspiration


In recent years, retail design has been significantly refined and perfected by businesses. Recognizing the power and growing consciousness of consumers, companies are looking towards blending immersive environments to draw attention to physical store locations.

To accentuate the aesthetics of the retail concept design, many brands are consulting with artists for in-store installations that sometimes bear educational value.

Another accelerating movement with regard to retail concept design is the approach of combining multiple services under one roof — this includes a space that consists of a shop, a cafe, and a co-working space or one that combines a shop, a tea bar, a lounge room and as well a restaurant.

Hamleys Toy Shop is one of the UK oldest Traditional brands.The initial brief was to design a new Hamleys Toy Shop at Manchester Airport, Terminal 1 in order to incorporate new sprinklers into the structure (to comply with the latest Fire Legislation).

The proposed design was a new structure to reflect the toy theme, visible from all directions of travel. It needed also to engage customers and have an impact on how they perceive and interact with the brand.

The inspiration is tied to the carousel theme which symbolizes childhood, memories, fun and a motif that is timeless. The traditional structure was simplified in a perfectly symmetry display.

Another design consideration was flexibility, a structure that can be easily adapted for different sizes and moved to different locations.

The perimeter moving model train integrated into the design continues the tradition for displaying a spectacle and for growing public’s appetite for playthings.

Once you step over the threshold, you will enter a world of joy and wonder.