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Cafe Concept Boutique

Coffee shops, regardless of where they’re located on the globe, always have something in common. It’s the coziness/ amenity and warmth brought by the concept itself. Coffee shop design is crucial for drawing in customers and captivating them to return. The goal is to grow a loyal customer base that turns again for their morning coffee.

These concept shops boast coarse walls and monolithic forms.

For the composition of these coffee shops, Designya created a concept that pulls inspiration from the Brutalist movement. The design is characterised by large material blocks with clear edges, some cut into unusual shapes, heavy-looking materials, straight lines and big windows. As well as concrete, other materials inspired by the Brutalist buildings include glass, steel and monochrome wall finishes.

Inside, the cafe spaces boast an effortlessly harmonious vibe achieved through the use of functional furniture, geometric shapes and a combination of not more than two basic colours. The sizable windows allow for an influx of light to enter the coffee shops but also for passers-by to remotely observe the welcoming space and the display of the ambient.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is all about adding beauty to the surface interior design. Decorative lighting is done through elaborate fixtures that complement the interior style of the cafés.

The lighting features create an unconsciously positive mood and stimulate the appetite.

The cafés interior lighting is a fine mixture of three sorts of artificial lighting techniques. These include ambient lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting.

Iluminarea ambientală este un fel de iluminare care se referă la crearea unei răspândiri egale a luminii în tot spațiul, ajută la crearea unei răspândiri fine și echidistante a iluminatului pentru o accentuare suplimentară.

Stilul de iluminare cu accent se referă la evidențierea anumitor caracteristici din interiorul cafenelei. Acestea pot fi obiecte caracteristice, cum ar fi picturi, expoziții alimentare sau chiar o lucrare de lux.

Designya Architecture își propune să creeze spații accesibile și nedezvoltate, precum și să creeze o experiență memorabilă pentru clienți.