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Black & White Office

Classic, timeless and a perfect scenery that is versatile and exciting – black and white is a colour scheme that will always give excellent results. Using black in an overwhelming, yet purposeful way and pure white sets a powerful mood communicating mystery and depth. This tonal difference makes a very strong design statement.

The brief for this job was clear from the outset. Business owning brothers wanted to create a workspace for their teams and also to receive clients. They bought the existing warehouse and wanted a long term investment with quality materials. They wanted something simple and sophisticated with dark, masculine colours producing an inviting modern office.

They love travelling most of the summer and spend a lot of time outdoors.

It was vital for them to allow as much light as possible, so they would feel inspired during the short days of winter. Their people also feel more motivated and enjoy a pleasant clear workspace. The office is like a capsule where the everyday chaos stops, it is an elegant space which also has a distinctive character.

The amount of black and white used in the space is in relation to the size of the space, along with the natural and artificial lighting proposal.

Small rooms in white can use hints of black to anchor the space, define it and highlight architectural features. Larger rooms with high ceilings are places where black can take over and play the role of the protagonist.

The generous office space has floor to ceiling windows which are symmetrical and divided into large horizontal panels. A black strip breaks the rhythm and it ends with glazing panels which have same width and replicate the initial symmetry.


Contrasting white industrial furniture sits perfectly on the light classic wood floor finish. Embracing industrial influences, the design has the exposed pipework painted in the same dark tone giving a fabulous “functional design” feel.

A black and white background lets even the smallest hints of colour standout visually with splendor. Every new addition makes a big difference to the appeal of the space. Golden mustard brings a charming interior that is magnetic and irresistible.

The attention to detail transformed the wall shelving into a unique design feature. Open shelves can be a good way to make everything easily accessible, especially when using nice racks and folders to organize everything neatly. Open shelves are also ideal for adding a few ornaments and decorations to break up the monotony.

The low light inside brings warmth into the workspace and give it a touch of elegant and relaxing style. Fresh plants make breathe life and bring energy and optimism into the space, contribute to wellbeing.

Comfort & convenience

For most people, the idea of a clean and calm office space relieves the natural every day chaos.

Comfort and convenience of the workspace depends also on the lighting. In addition to natural lighting, a great role belongs to artificial lighting. Correct lighting display is essential for the wellbeing of staff. Office lighting plays also a key role in increasing productivity and enhancing the functionality of the office space.

A series of strip lights drop above the space, attached by a single cable drawing the eye through the building.

The large Retro glossy lights contrast the walls matt finish. This focal point leads to a suspended ceiling with abundant large spotlights towards the end of the room. Using white panels in a horizontal row makes the transition from the shelving to the adjacent wall. The suspended ceiling masks the end of the exposed pipes. As a result, the perspective creates the illusion of blending the vertical and horizontal elements.

White industrial wall mounted lamps make a fantastic accent and adddramatic elegance to the space.

The sheer allure and class of a black and white color scheme is simply undeniable. The design is balanced, functional and attractive, simulating to keep the spaces in order, neat and organized. Sharp contrasts stimulate and help concentrate on work.