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Interior Design

Through interior design, we transform spaces into places, we design, create and plan spaces to provide the best customer experience possible. We cover a diverse range of interior design services, office fit-out, workspaces, commercial and residential. Our team focuses on performance, functionalism and well-being.

Our design connects to the person we create for;therefore we first listen, ask questions, understand, refine ideas to build the bespoke project. We place functionality and cost/value balance as the core of our projects.

We inspire for the creation of personal bespoke spaces from all art forms, such as painting, crafts, photography, latest industry innovations, timeless finishes, iconic buildings and lessons learnt. An afternoon visit to an art museum or antiques gallery can have an inspiring visual message.

Our purpose is good design. But what is good design?

German industrial designer and academic Dieter Rams introduces the world to ‘functionalist’ industrial design. The function and purpose shape the design. The intended interior design is the mirror of its purpose, functionality is prior to aesthetics. Every decision about the design scheme (modeling spaces, finishes, fixtures and cost) is made to maximize the project’s capacity to fulfill its intended purpose.

We are inspired by Dieter Rams ‘principles of good design’ such as:

  1. Good design is innovative; we push for progress continuously;
  2. Good interior design makes a concept useful, well designed schemes contribute to wellbeing;
  3. Good design is aesthetic, excessive ornamentation for designs sake isn’t because it doesn’t contribute to the space functionality. Timeless design includes the aesthetic quality and high standards of the proposed finishes;
  4. Good design makes a space readable, clarifies the scheme’s structure and functionality, it is self-explanatory;
  5. Good design is easy to perceive, not “over-designed”, the focus is on the user.Space is for the user’s self-expression;
  6. Good design is honest, showing exactly the intended purpose so it promises only what it can accomplish;
  7. Good design is long lasting, is not a trend follower so it becomes a trendsetter;
  8. Good design is attention to the last detail;
  9. Good design is environment-friendly, is solving meaningful problems and we do it all professionally, personally and socially;
  10. Good design is based on simplicity. Designers should never over-design the world around us. We only design to respond to people’s needs.We focus on the space functionality and keep only the essentials.

Our interior design is meant to inspire you and bring wellbeing into your life.