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About C.G.I. / Architectural Rendering

Designya has the ability to provide visualisation services for your projects. Our visualisation team comprises of a skillful group of professionals with strong architecture background.

Through our training and experience, we know how to translate conceptual architecture designs into captivating imagery.Our purpose is to offer you solutions and best value.

Architecture is an ever-present form of visual storytelling. The design of buildings is a symphony of volumes where every little detail, surrounding landscape, textures and light speak of its intended purpose and users.

Visuals communicate concepts that words cannot.

The well-known quote, a picture is worth a thousand words, sums up the importance of the project’s visualisation. The visual impact is undeniable.

Any changes that the architect or the designer wants to make, can be identified and made in order to ensure that the quality of final project is perfect.

Huge savings are made in terms of time and cost. The renders clearly showcase the project so that the clients would get an exact idea about it and make an informed decision.

Due to the fast influx of technology, a graphic team needs to be dedicated entirely to producing visualisation. The Designya visualisation team knows exactly how to use shadows, textures, reflections, shades, motion blurs, etc in order to make the renders realistic. This skill comes only with experience.

This technique is so resourceful that now along with the construction industry, many other industries have started opting for this service. The renders can provide appearance to any concept.

Renderings are also crucial for marketing the project. The practice gets more reliability points from the use of architectural visualisations in their presentations and is able to leave a distinctive impression with the potential client.